For more than ten years, I have committed myself to learning web design. In the beginning, I was just playing around and seeing what I could do. Over time, I realized that I had both a passion and a gift for web design. I now consider myself an artist, reveling in the creative process and constantly looking for ways to push the boundaries of the field.

Because I started learning computers at a young age, I have viewed the field from a variety of perspectives, changing my opinions over time and developing into an expert in multiple areas. My skill set is now broad and inclusive, covering HTML, CSS, ADA Compliance, JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop, and web design that is clean, functional, and responsive. Although I favor WordPress for its efficiency and speed, I have also worked with Drupal and Magento.

Long-term, I just want to learn as much as I can and do great work. I have already collaborated with some high-profile professionals in the advertising industry, picking up some invaluable knowledge and insight from them and continuing to hone my skills. I would be thrilled to collaborate with project managers, small agencies, and small businesses to help them give their customers proper web presences. To date, I have worked on projects in such industries as manufacturing, non-governmental organization, building and development, education, and community organization.